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Get the Right Promotions to the Right Stores at the Right Time

If you are a retailer, you know that managing in-store signage can be a nightmare. Manual and redundant processes, inflexible production and assembly, and long lead times contribute to strained delivery schedules and reactive marketing collateral. Propago is the solution you need to streamline the process and set your marketing teams free to do what they do best.

Propago allows you to manage all aspects of in-store advertising from a centralized location; creation, planning, approval, production and fulfillment, all from one easy-to-use system that's simple to track and audit.

Propago’s flexible and collaborative tools will increase your team’s productivity and overall efficiency by simplifying processes and eliminating redundant/manual tasks.

Whether you are managing 10 or 5,000 retail outlets, Propago will help you push out signage with more precision while shrinking timelines and costs.

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Creative Ready to Go at Anytime

Getting designers and your marketing team to finalize creative can take days. Normally, project communication is manual and hard to trace. Saving, retrieving and adjusting creative for a new campaign while maintaining brand standards can be an even bigger challenge.

There is an easier way to get it done! – Propago supports numerous methods for generating new collateral while being accessible to different users such as marketing, product or store managers.

Our templating system allows virtually anyone to create signage while maintaining your brand and creative standards. You decide what elements are editable; you can lock-down components such as logos, disclaimers and other creative elements. Not only can you create signs one at a time, but with our group version and bulk import features Propago facilitates rapidly creating multiple versions of signage in just a few clicks.

We understand not all needs can be met by customizing a pre-designed template. For this, we have included the ability to directly upload creative or choose from a pre-loaded library of signs.

Get Creative Approved Almost Instantly

Decentralized approval workflows can be puzzling and delay production causing, missed product launches, promotions or sales.

With Propago, you can streamline approval processes by sending assets only to those responsible for specific products.

Approvers can view all pieces of collateral based on their area of responsibility on a single page. They can approve all, request corrections or make corrections on the fly.

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Robust Distros in Few Clicks

Putting together a cohesive distribution plan can be a challenge. Trying to coordinate sign, and locations using a complicated excel file does not make it any easier.

Propago is your solution. Allowing you to upload your complete store listing and manage exactly what kind of signage is required at each location.

Store profiles allow you to cluster stores into different groups. Stores can be grouped by location, attributes, or marketing zones. You can assign quantities and sign types needed in every store or store group.

Propago consolidates project information providing you and the manufacturer with an intelligent breakdown of which and how many sign packs will be produced and fulfilled.

Production in No Time

Manufacturers can take days trying to understand how sign packs will kit together and plan the most efficient production and fulfillment process.

Propago intelligently organizes materials for production; simplifying sorting, kitting and fulfillment processes

Instantly from the time you submit your project the wheels are in motion. Within minutes your project will be automatically planned and ready for production.

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Accurate Signage Out the Door Faster!

By combining all the steps of the typical project into a single cloud-based tool we haven’t left any stone unturned.

Propago will not only drive efficiencies within your organization but also drives efficiencies in every step of the process. This allows us to drive time and costs out of all facets associated with in-store signage programs. Propago intelligently organizes materials for production; simplifying sorting, kitting and fulfillment processes.

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