Skilled Code Thrower

Fullstack Developer (ASP .NET, MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap)

Salary: We love our coders! Contact Us.

Benefits: Vision, Medical, Dental

Location: Austin, TX

We are looking for a GURU developer - ASP .NET, MVC, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap to join our team! We have just hit our 1 year anniversary and want to explode this thing!

Be PART of something --- Be INTEGRAL to something ---

Not just looking to hire someone --- looking for someone that wants to build something and be connected to in all aspects of a growing company.

Not looking for an employee - looking for someone that will have equity stakes to drive the company forward.

  • Throw code - throw good code
  • Backend core code and Front End interface work... Don't worry about making it pretty we have interface people for that - but you need STRONG JS.
  • Ability to run without much guidance
  • Hunger to grow & build something
  • Bachelor's degree.
  • Want to be a part owner and not just an employee
  • Previous experience in web development or other related fields
  • Familiarity with with HTML, Javascript, or other related languages
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Must be goal-oriented and highly customer focused.
  • Able to handle complex client situations.
  • Strong attention to detail

About Propago:

At Propago, our success is rooted in teamwork, creativity and our clients' success.

We have fun at work, but make no mistake, we work hard. We believe a fun and interactive environment yields team work and out-of-the-box thinking. We also advocate efficiency and we dress accordingly. We believe hats, sandals and t-shirts are far more efficient and painless than suits, ties, and shoes.

We value our clients' input. Most features come from collaboration with them. As we have grown, we stay focused on serving our customers' needs and everyone is entrusted with that core responsibility. How we collaborate is as important as the products we develop.

We challenge employees to look beyond job descriptions and truly understand how our clients use the platform on a daily basis. Everyone has a key role in creating a successful product and in maintaining our high level of customer satisfaction. We value insight from all areas of the company, as well as from our customers and partners, to help us create the most useful tools that make jobs easier.