Software as a Service

Welcome to the cloud, no hardware or software necessary. No updates, no maintenanace, all you need is Internet and a browser.

No Software, No Installation, No Maintenance!

No Installation Required

Propago is a cloud-based solution meaning you don't have to install, download or maintain anything, but rather run it directly from our servers. Just like Netflix or Facebook, all you need to get started is a computer connected to the internet and a browser.

Our cloud-based model ensures the highest overall uptime and lowest cost of ownership. In addition, this model allows us to provide you with remote support and control updates to keep the application running smoothly every time you log in.

No Hardware Required

Forget expensive hardware and IT support. Let Propago develop, maintain and host the application, leaving you focused on your core competency, YOUR business. Off the shelf software is expensive, requires IT infrastructure, requires IT support and eventually gets outdated leaving you with nothing but another expensive upgrade.

No IT Resources Required

Propago does not required hardware, installation, or up keeping. Our cloud-based solution removes the hassle and cost of hiring IT personnel; updates are pushed to you automatically, hardware is not required and best of all you continue to focus on your business . Eliminate unnecessary costs and simplify how you run your business.

Automated Updates

Other technologies require constant maintenance, updating, monitoring and additional charges for new features and benefits. Propago's upkeep is handled by us without your enrollment. All upgrades are always 100% backward compatible and tested before deployment

propago software as a service

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