Propago is the Marketing Management Platform designed to distribute your brand physically and digitally.

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Streamline ordering, production, fulfillment and distribution of marketing assets.

For Service Providers

Whether you are a commercial printer, manufacturer or a fulfillment company, Propago will help you streamline production and fulfillment of your clients’ orders, regardless of the order volume or complexity.

For Agencies

Propago allows marketing agencies to streamline production, fulfillment and distribution of their clients’ marketing products using a single cloud-based marketing platform, connecting to any number of vendors.

For Marketers

Propago brings together the physical and digital marketing worlds into a single cloud-based platform allowing marketers to better manage production, branding and distribution of their marketing assets.

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What Propago is

Propago's Marketing Management Platform allows enterprises to provide marketing portals to sales teams, affiliates, franchisees, channel partners or any authorized users. Users can access marketing assets, order what they need, when they need it, through intuitive cloud-based marketing portals. But, Propago doesn’t stop there! With a comprehensive set of web-to-print, production, procurement, warehousing and fulfillment tools, the platform ensures you have a streamlined supply chain from start to finish.

Propago’s marketing portals handle anything your brand may appear on, from: printable assets, digital files, promotional products, and apparel to more complex personalized brochures and kits. Granular settings allow administrators to configure branding controls, spending limits, user rights, reporting and much more, enabling end users easy access to all your branded materials from anywhere in the world.

Service Provider Features

100% Cloud-based Platform

Propago is delivered to you via a SaaS model. There is nothing for you to install, no hardware you need buy, and you never need to worry about updating the platform. We handle everything for you.

Completely Configurable Controls

You don’t need to have a BS in Computer Science to figure out our platform. Administer and configure every aspect of the system through a standard web browser using an intuitive interface. No developers required (unless you want to get really fancy with our API set).

Web-To-Print 5.0 ...2.0 just isn’t enough!

Web2Print is a feature of the platform but doesn’t define us. We break the mold of the traditional W2P systems by: 1. Handling ANY product elegantly (print, promo, wearable, gizmo or digital) and 2. Having the “backend” tools in place to handle it in ONE platform.

Total Production Management

Doesn’t matter what kind of method you are using the platform can handle it. JIT, inventory pulls, drop shipping, Print on Demand, kitting, combination of all, no problem. From a simple business card to a multipart promotional kit, Propago handles production better, regardless of volume and complexity.

Efficient Procurement Management

We understand that not everything you offer is readily available in the warehouse or to be produced. The Propago platform has a complete procurement workflow that easily consolidates and organizes demand for a simple procurement process.

Full Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Propago features a complete embedded warehouse management system (WMS). This feature handles all of your warehouse locations, production locations, pick and pack, and much more. Know in real time how much inventory you have, exactly where it is and the demand against that inventory.

High Volume Fulfillment Automation

The system will automagically prioritize, optimize, consolidate and batch orders, maximizing productivity, increasing throughput and reducing turnaround. Imagine being able to pick, pack, and ship 500 orders in 30 minutes as opposed to 5 hours.

Analytics and Reporting in Real-Time

Information is power and with Propago you have it at your beckoning call. With a full set of visual dashboards, stock reports and the ability to perform ad-hoc reporting you won’t have to worry about being able to see exactly what is going on.

And much more!

We could talk for hours on all the features that come with Propago. You can click here for a more complete feature set but the biggest bang for your buck would be to reach out to one of our specialists to tailor a demo based on your needs. Contact us today to have a specialist cut to the chase.

Marketing Portal Features

Granular User Rights

You control every aspect of your end users experience. Control which products they can view, the pricing they see, if they can see inventory and much more. Putting users in groups allows you to easily manage your storefront regardless if you have 10 or 10,000 end users.

Multifaceted Budgetary Controls

Whether you are controlling volume on dollar amounts, order quantities, time-based limits, product limits or really almost any other scenario Propago is the platform for you. We understand the world isn’t as simple as “let’s require approval for anything over $50,” and have designed features to be flexible for your processes.

Rock Solid Brand Compliance

The Propago platform can be your single centralized repository for anything related to your brand. You control what your brand gets put on, who can access it, who can order it, what can be personalized and much more. Better yet you have a single platform to be able to audit and trace where your branded products are going.

Intuitive Ordering Process

If your user base can order a pair of flip flops from Amazon then they can easily order from the Propago marketing portal. We are compelled to keep all of the complexity of the platform behind the scenes so your end users just have to worry about promoting your brand.

Flexible Approval Triggers

Much like our budget enforcement, the platform provides the ability to trigger approval processes in numerous ways. Our goal is to provide a platform to give you the approval and oversight controls you need to fit into your processes and not be limited with a singular setting.

Robust Personalization Engine

There are so many different ways marketing departments allow for personalized marketing communications. Instead of trying to drive creative professionals to a single design method we decided to build a platform that would allow the creators to create. The Propago platform handles anything from template based personalization, to free editing of collateral, to straight uploads of whatever your users wish. Naturally, you are in complete control on what you allow your users to do.

Extensive Direct Mail Features

Originate and execute mailing campaigns directly from your marketing portals. Regardless if you are bringing a mailing list to the system, ordering a contact list through Propago or using a corporate populated list of leads.

Multi-layered Approval Workflows

In the world today, it may not be as simple as Jane needs to approve John’s orders. Maybe John’s orders need to be approved by Jane and Jo. Maybe John only needs approval from Jane when he orders Gizmo A. Maybe John can do whatever he wants as long as it doesn’t cost more than $500 per month. It’s not up to us to tell you how your approvals should flow, it’s our job to provide a platform that supports it.

Comprehensive Payment Options

From requiring purchase orders or credit cards, to providing store credits or promotional codes the Propago platform has you covered. You may decide your sales representatives can order in unlimited quantities but your accounting personnel only get $500 a year in store credits. Propago has you covered.

Centralized Asset Repository

Provide your team, employees and partners with a central digital library where they can retrieve the latest version of all brand assets. Easily and quickly upload any and all of your important brand-controlled files and provide access to the people within your organization.

Easily Configured Access

Manage diverse levels of access and maintain file security through varying levels of permissions. Protect which assets can be accessed and downloaded by the different roles within your organization.

Intuitive Search Filtering

Quickly filter through thousands of files by simply keying in keywords or make it even simpler and assign tags and folders to your digital files.

Intelligent File Conversion

Regardless of which file format the original file was uploaded in, Propago will automatically convert the files you need to the file format and resolution you request.

Extensive Multi-format Support

Supported file formats include Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel files as well as all commonly used image formats, to name a few.

Powerful Activity Reporting

See what assets are frequently downloaded, what formats are being requested the most and what files have recently been uploaded to your repository.

Why Choose Us

Based on 15 years of experience and client feedback, Propago has developed the features clients need, and enhanced ones they love, resulting in a platform that aligns with what the market is asking for.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform that enables our customers to expand what they can offer; always remembering our success is 100% dependent on our customers' success.

What You Get

What you get is proven technology that will help you manage your business better, consolidate operations, simplify logistics, minimize operating cost and boost client satisfaction.

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