Can Your Platform Do This?

Propago Takes Marketing Solution Providers from Good to Great

If you’ve found your way to this page, you probably already have a web to print platform. Many of our customers came to us from other platforms because they wanted to go from good to great. Others find us because their current platform is missing some essentials and holding them back.

The important thing to know is that a forward-thinking, innovative web to print platform can give you the tools to win bigger customers, unlock new sources of revenue, make your warehouse more efficient, and distinguish yourself from the competition. Let’s look at how Propago does this.

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Cover Your Bases: Is Your Platform Holding You Back?

Propago is the web to print platform that printers switch to when their old platform is no longer enough. Give your clients all the tools they need to consolidate and streamline their marketing asset supply chain and become their total marketing solutions provider.

At the Core of Propago:

  • Intuitive, Modern Design for a Better User Experience
  • Intelligent Use of Data That Does All the Heavy Lifting
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities for You and Your Clients
  • Flexible and Granular Controls to Protect Your Client’s Brand, Budget, and Inventory
  • Seamless Support of Many Product Types to Centralize ALL Your Client’s Marketing
  • Complete Order-to-Fulfill Workflows to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Touchpoints
Portal Experience

The Next Level: A Platform that Thinks Big, So You Can Too

Innovation is how you go from good to great. Propago is a constantly evolving platform with one ultimate goal: create a better experience for you, your clients, and the platform users. This is just a partial compilation of the many unique features you’ll find on Propago that go beyond what you expect from a web to print platform.

Fixed Assets Offers Dashboards

Can Your Platform Do This?

  • Proof a Collection of Personalized Items with One Click:
    • Clients create pre-approved sets of data with logos, addresses, etc.
    • Users can apply data to many products at once and proof.
  • Create Limited Time Offers, Collect Orders Over Time and Aggregate for Price Breaks
    • The franchisor’s dream feature.
    • Create a collection of materials that the client wants to organize order activity on.
    • All orders put on hold until you’re ready to push to production.
    • Orders are aggregated so users work together to get the best price.
  • Support Your Client’s Reusable Equipment and Handle Booking Logistics:
    • Perfect for clients with tradeshows and events.
    • Handle the storage and booking of reusable assets like furniture, stands, banners, and TVs.
    • Intuitive calendar interface to schedule booking time.
  • Save Time with Bulk Actions:
    • Bulk ordering.
    • Bulk editing of user profiles, products, and addresses.
    • Bulk update prices.
  • User-Friendly Browsing and Ordering Features:
    • Library of order history for easy re-ordering.
    • Smart search bar to quickly find what you need.
    • Create product browsing filters.
  • Centralize Data for Automating Product Personalization:
    • Clients can create data sets for anything, branch information, menu items, etc.
    • Users can apply these data sets to personalized items with a click.
    • These data sets can be easily shared, updated, and managed by clients.
  • Always Have the Data You Need with Robust Reporting
    • Track all aspects of the platform and operations.
    • Customize reports, filter, and download as needed.
    • Schedule reports to send.
    • Storefront Dashboards give a visual snapshot of performance.
  • Store, Access, and Utilize Digital Assets:
    • Share and access files quickly from any web-based device.
    • Link a folder of digital assets to a product for users to choose from.
    • Export files in a different format and resolution.
  • Marketing Calendar:
    • Give your clients an easy-to-use calendar built right into their marketing portal.
  • Seamless Connection to Outside Producers:
    • Let your clients order ALL the assets they need on your portal by effortlessly routing orders to other producers and drop shippers.
    • Every line of every order goes exactly where it needs to go.
  • Tools for High-Volume Fulfillment:
    • Automate your supply chain and make things simple for your team.
    • Order consolidation, fast pick pack, batch shipping.

Download the FREE Web to Print Readiness Checklist to Find Out How your Current Platform Compares

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Modernize Your Business and Stand Out from the Crowd

Propago is the platform for printers who are ready to become bigger and better solutions providers. Don’t settle for good when your platform can lift you to great. Grow your business with an innovative platform that expands your capabilities as a marketing solution provider.

With Propago, you can:

  • Land larger clients with a powerful platform that has everything enterprise clients need and way beyond.
  • Further cement the relationship with your customers by offering them new services and tools that make their jobs easier.
  • Reduce as many touchpoints during production, procurement and fulfillment as possible to improve your overall efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Offer a modern solution that separates your company from your competitors.
  • Become a COMPLETE Marketing Solution Provider.
Back End Admin Portal

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Propago’s web-to-print portals allows anyone to bring operations online and offer a complete marketing solution.