Comprehensive Fulfillment System offered affordably in the cloud.

Simple & scalable Fulfillment System for handling orders of any nature from inception to final shipment.

The Fulfillment System that Gets the Job Done for You

Propago's Fulfillment System does all the heavy lifting and is easy to implement, learn and use. Here are some of the features that will drive your efficiency and productivity off the roof.

  • Numerous methods for Order Entry – Manual & Automated
  • Streamlined Pick, Pack and Shipment workflows
  • Simple Integration with Carrier Manifesting Systems
  • Streamlined Pick, Pack and Shipment Workflows
  • Seamless RMA Module for Returns Management
  • Inbound Receiving Verifications
  • Complete Inventory Management and Visibility
  • Robust Serialization and Lot Tracing Features
  • Multi-Location/Warehouse Support
  • Robust Visual Dashboards and Reporting
  • High Volume Fulfillment Features: Consolidation, Batching & Fast Picking

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Streamline your order fulfillment operations with Propago

Boost inventory accuracy, picking accuracy and overall throughput of your facility. Our fulfillment System platform includes all of the standard WMS features you have come to expect, but also brings in some bells and whistles that can really impact your operations. Features such as; order signature detection, batch fulfillment, order consolidation and fast pick pack are just a small sampling of what we can offer you.

Propago provides you with the information that matters

As they say, “Data is King”. With Propago you will have all the critical information about your operations at your fingertips. Multiple visual dashboards will give you a quick glance at the status of your operations. Advanced planning and forecasting tools help ensure you have the inventory that is in demand. And, for those people that want to get into the details our reporting engine allows you to pull just about anything you need from the platform.

No large up-front investment – low monthly plans

Propago is a 100% cloud-based SaaS platform. There is nothing for you to install, no hardware you need and you will never have to worry about updates. We handle everything for you. No contracts and No commitments, we have to work every day to keep your business. We align our pricing models with your success in using the platform.

WMS Experience


Propago’s platform ensures a complete Fulfillment System that is available 24x7.