Warehouse Management Software Made Simple

Warehouse Management Software doesn't have to be rocket science! Reduce warehouse inefficiencies, increase order accuracy, and improve inventory management.

Is Your Warehouse Performing at Its Best?

If you oversee a distribution operation, you're persistently looking for new ways to effectively manage increasingly complex supply chains while simultaneously reducing operational expenses.

From inventory control, shipping and receiving, to order fulfillment, Propago’s Warehouse Management System offers you all the WMS features you need with an elegant and simple interface that is deployed in the “cloud”. Meaning it is always accessible, and there is nothing to download, install or keep updated.

  • Complete Inventory Management and Visibility
  • Streamlined Pick, Pack and Shipment Workflows
  • Dedicated interfaces for mobile device scanning
  • Intelligent FIFO based pick routing
  • Robust Serialization and Lot Tracing Features
  • Robust Visual Dashboards and Reporting
  • Multi-Location/Warehouse Support
  • High Volume Fulfillment Features: Order Consolidation, Batching & Fast Picking
  • Simple Integration with Carrier Manifesting Systems
  • Seamless RMA Module for Returns Management

Elegant and Powerful

Simple! Propago does all the heavy lifting for you, including: inventory alerts, inbound purchase orders, serialization/lot tracing, intelligent order picking routes and much more.

Recover Lost Time

With multiple fulfillment workflows, Propago aims to ensure your employees are focused on getting products out the door in the most efficient method at that moment. With multiple advanced high volume fulfillment workflows we provide something for everyone.

Start Small and Grow Big!

Propago provides all of the warehouse management software features of costly enterprise offerings at a fraction of the price. While other software providers charge you large upfront costs and recurring fees that lock you in for years, our month-to-month plans ensure we earn your business every day.

WMS Experience


Do you have little visibility into your inventory? Do you rely on paper trails to manage your warehouse? Are you using Excel to track everything? Looking for a solution to handle high volume fulfillment? If so, give us few minutes to show you how our warehouse management system software can help you better run your operation.