Web-to-Print Done Better !

Offer your clients a better way to manage and distribute branded materials while you increase productivity and accuracy across your operation.

Powerful and Intuitive Web-to-Print Storefronts

(for your clients)

Complete web to print storefronts

Handles any print product from simple business cards to complex brochures

Handles any branded product type

Propago handles print, promo, apparel and digital products elegantly

Unmatched user experience

Friendly and clean interface that enhances the user experience

Robust personalization engine

Image banks, QR codes, maps, plus all the personalization tools you come to expect

Unlimited sets of data

Unlimited sets of unstructured data used to personalize assets for you

Simple or complex kits and bundles

Build bundles and kits to distribute products in ways that make sense

Common shopping experience

A familiar shopping experience users are used to

Real time reporting

Real time reporting on demand, usage, inventory and more

Digital asset management

Locate, resize, and download assets in native or common formats

Multiple payment options

User can pay using a credit card, PO, or Co-op dollars

Offer complete support for any printed material from order inception, through production and finally to the shipment. Your clients control what content can be customized, how much can be ordered, and whether approval is required before it is submitted to production.

User profiles and pre-approved templates allow users to personalize creative in just seconds. The system automatically populates materials using the user’s information so they don’t have to key in anything.

  • Inventory, Print On Demand, Customized or Ad-Hoc
  • Support for Templates or Free Editing
  • Handles Print, Promo, Apparel and Digital Products
  • Granular User Rights
  • Rock Solid Brand Compliance
  • Flexible Approval Triggers
  • Multifaceted Budgetary Controls
  • Multi-layered Approval Work flows
  • Intuitive Order Process
  • Comprehensive Payment Options
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Full Operations and Warehouse Management System

(for your operations team)

Get a real time snapshot of how your operation is doing

A quick and visual approach to see how your operation is running

Increase production productivity

A smart window for production teams to manage, download, batch and create jobs

Run a leaner warehouse operation

Run a leaner fulfillment operation by batching and consolidate similar orders

Forecast demand and adjust inventory

Forecast demand and make purchasing decisions that are cost effective

Marketing and support at your fingertips

Marketing and support materials available to help you better sell and onboard clients

Search for orders without any hassle

All your orders arranged, searchable and accessible in just few clicks

Get detailed information on every order

Track everything you need down to every order detail

Client storefront configuration

Easily configure clients’ storefronts to operate how each of them demand

Product workflow configuration

Configure products to different production workflows (print, inventoried, digital, 3PL, etc.)

Real time reporting

Standard and custom real time reports delivered right to your inbox

Propago streamlines and coordinates all aspects of operations, including manufacturing, procurement, order and inventory management, kitting, pick and pack, and distribution.

The system is built to handle any kind of product, regardless of where it's produced or shipped from.

  • Total Production Management
  • Efficient Procurement Management
  • Full Warehouse Management System
  • High Volume Fulfillment Automation
  • Serialization and Lot Tracing
  • RMA Management
  • Production Batching and Ganging
  • Order Consolidation
  • Inventory Planning and Forecasting
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Powerful, Scalable and Easy Web-to-print Platform

The platform that simplifies the entire web-to-print process turning your customers into raving fans.


Web2Print Experience

Streamline your customers order process with the most sophisticated web-to-print engine, user interface, and personalization tools in the market.

Personalization Engine

in Less Clicks

User profiles and pre-approved templates allow users to personalize creative in just seconds. Plus Propago seamlessly pre-populates all materials so users don’t have to key anything in.

Production Management

Management Made Easier

The platform provides you with the tools to manage all demand generated from your clients’ portals. Automate production, optimize inventory and streamline order fulfillment.

Don't take our word for it

  Propago shows very well during presentations.
Prospects and customers can see how good the user experience is and that it has all the features they need.  

- Brian

Director of IT

  With Propago, we feel more like we have engaged in a partnership, rather then simply purchased some software.
The team is extremely supportive and goes above and beyond in helping us provide
the best solution possible to meet our customer’s needs.  

- Jerimiah

Creative Services Manager

(512) 649-5385 

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