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Distribute Marketing Materials the Easy Way!

Propago enables print producers, promo distributors and marketers to better manage, personalize, produce, and distribute marketing assets.
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Intelligent Marketing Asset Management Solution

Bring print ready files, personalizable templates (VDP), direct mail, promotional products, apparel, digital files and any other marketing asset under your own personalized storefront.

Protect the brand, budget and inventory while providing users an elegant ordering experience.

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Marketing Asset Management Solution

Bring all your marketing products under an intelligent online platform and grant access with total control over the brand, budget and inventory.

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Allow users to personalize marketing templates while keeping total control of the brand.

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Fulfillment (WMS)

Connect multiple producers and suppliers and streamline production, fulfillment and delivery of products.

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Marketing Distribution Simplified

Propago's Marketing Asset Management Platform allows print producers and brands to bring marketing assets under an intelligent marketing hub that enforces advanced business rules. Employees, franchisees, and any other authorized users can access assets, personalize and order what they need, when they need it from anywhere they go.

A comprehensive set of web-to-print, production, procurement, warehousing and fulfillment tools, ensures organizations have a streamlined supply chain from start to finish. Regardless of how many vendors/producers are needed to fulfill demand, Propago automates the entire process.

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Propago provides a comprehensive range of storefront management tools designed to handle marketing products of any kind - print, promo, apparel, digital. Learn More
Streamline the process of personalizing, proofing, and ordering print materials. Learn More
Control what creative elements users can edit and maintain brand and legal compliance. Learn More
Control who can see what products, how much they can order and what payment methods are available. Learn More
Streamline and coordinate all aspects of operations, including manufacturing, procurement, order and inventory management, kitting, pick and pack, and distribution. Learn More
Run standard and custom reports and gain granular insight into user activity, product demand, order status and shipments. Learn More
Integrate with several MIS, ERP, Fulfillment and Tax software solutions and automate more of your workflows. Learn More

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