Warehouse Management System

Comprehensive platform for managing orders and inventory throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Warehouse Management System

Inbound Receiving Verification

By sending Propago purchase order information, you can always be sure the actual receipt of physical products matches the anticipated receipt. Propago can be configured to make sure products are in agreement with the purchase order on the receiving dock prior to being able to be received into inventory. Any shortages can be identified immediately.

Pick & Pack

Whether you have one person in your warehouse picking orders or 30 people with RF Guns, Propago can help. Propago has multiple methods to guide order fulfillment personnel to ensure you have to most optimized pick, pack and fulfillment workflow.


Shipping is expensive and complicated. Although Propago can’t remove all of the complexity and costs, it makes great strides to do so. Whether you are shipping on your accounts, user accounts or vendor accounts it makes no difference. Propago can handle any carrier or service with ease.

  • Simple integration with manifesting or native carrier systems. Operations will not need to re-key shipping information into a manifesting system. This removes human error and increases productivity.
  • Accurate freight costs at time of order.
  • Automated feedback from carriers with tracking information and cost information.
  • Editable settings such as Require Signature, Expedited shipment, and residential deliveries.
  • Support for ASN (Advance Shipment Notifications) including carton and SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) support.
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High Volume Order Fulfillment

Sometimes the standard WMS workflows are too cumbersome for high volume fulfillment. With Propago we have built multiple options that intelligently guide your operations team to a streamlined process.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

For products that are not shipped from the primary warehouse, Propago has a flexible 3PL module to integrate with outside drop shippers. Incoming orders for items assigned to third party vendors will be automatically routed by Propago to the appropriate vendor by email, FTP or XML.

Propago supports backwards communication from the third party vendor's systems through a web interface or an API to complete and close the loop on order information upon shipment from the vendor.


If you have sensitive products that require serialization that is no problem. Propago has support for serialization down to the part level. If products are setup to require serialization, at the time of shipment every serial number must be recorded before the shipment can be processed. Propago even possesses the flexibility to support multiple serial numbers per product and/or validation of serial numbers.

Lot Tracing

Propago supports lot tracing for shipments of components with specific quality control requirements. Products that are configured to require lot tracing will automatically require the lot number be entered before they can be received into the system. After the initial receipt the lot number is tracked at every point of that products lifecycle until it ships out the door. This gives you the ability to pin point exactly where every single product within a lot is at any time, including not only products still on the shelves but also products that have been shipped to customers. Lot tracing is particularly important on products that require stringent quality control.

Returns Management

With any fulfillment operation, you will receive the occasional return. With the Propago platform, you have built in returns management to guide you through the entire process. You will be able to run reports at any time to see what is being returned, why it’s being returned and who is returning products.

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