Holistic Solution for Fulfillment Providers

Propago is a one stop shop where you can streamline and coordinate all aspects of fulfillment operations, including receiving, inventory planning, order management, warehousing, shipping and returns.

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Efficiency for you and your clients

Whether your clients need you to fulfill demand of a single product or many, the Propago platform facilitates the order process for your clients and give you all the tools you need to get those orders fulfilled faster and more efficiently.

Propago increases efficiency and productivity naturally. With a complete Warehouse Management System, inventory controls, automated workflows, multiple shipping abilities, real- time and automated reporting and visibility features all allow for efficiency and heightened productivity.

    For Fulfillment Companies
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Inventory Management
  • Fast Pick Pack
  • Batch Shipping
  • Order Consolidation
  • Multiple Shipping Workflows
  • Returns Management System
  • Much More...!
    For Your Clients
  • User-friendly Ordering Portals
  • Simplify Distribution, Ordering and Production
  • Flexible Order Approval Triggers
  • Inventory Insight
  • Analytics and Reporting in Real-time
supply chain optimization
supplier demand inventory

Maintain inventory accuracy

Because accurate inventory counts are an essential part of the fulfillment industry, Propago uses automated inventory deductions as well as tracks all inventory receipts. Automated inventory reports go out to your clients upon request so that you can ensure there are no surprises and your clients are kept in the loop when orders become backordered and when inventory counts are running low.

  • Inventory alerts
  • Inventory planning
  • Demand forecast

Multiple Shipping Workflows

With Propago, you are not limited to only one shipment workflow. Propago has multiple workflows and the flexibility to use them interchangeably based on each client needs.

Fast Pick Pack

Fast pick pack allows operations to easily wave, pick, and ship orders. Propago's pick pack workflow enables order fulfillment to be better, faster, and cheaper while allowing you to focus on your core business. Regardless of how small or large the order volume, Propago gets the job done.

Batch Shipping

Propago’s batch shipping tools save you time and money by grouping orders that contain the same product and order quantities. This way you can pick the quantities you need of the same product all at the same time instead of having to pick each order individually.

Order Consolidator

Order consolidator is another workflow that allows and quick turn-around of high volume orders. Propago’s consolidator tool groups orders with the same ship to location and merges and ships them together while maintaining the integrity of the inventory, the order quantities and each product that was ordered by multiple users at different times.

Carrier Integration

Propago integrates with virtually any manifesting system. Automatically populate shipping addresses and weights to your manifesting system to generate shipping labels without manual intervention. After the shipment, the manifesting system will update Propago with tracking numbers and costs to close the loop on the order. Saving you time and more importantly improving accuracy.

wms fufillment shipping

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