#1 B2B Web to Print Solution

Offer Your Clients Powerful Marketing Portals that Can Handle All of Their Marketing Products.

Provide your operations team with an intelligent platform to handle the demand generated from those portals.

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The Single Platform that Enables Printers to Evolve!

1. Win the Right Accounts

Provide your clients the tools they need to simplify/automate complex workflows like spending and ordering limits, viewing rights, approvals, and branding controls.

2. Keep Your Clients Invested

Support your clients' entire marketing catalog (print, promo, apparel, digital) by seamlessly offering products from third-party vendors.

3. Streamline Your Operation

Create production, procurement, and fulfillment workflows to handle high order volumes across client portals.

4. Connect Systems and Automate

Take advantage of standard integrations with several MIS, ERP, Fulfillment, Tax, Marketing, Automation systems. We also support API access and custom integrations to fit your automation needs.

Intelligent Marketing Portals for Your Enterprise Clients

Provide your clients with powerful marketing portals where they can bring any type of marketing product and make them available to their employees or partners. Whether your clients favor print, promotional, wearable, or digital assets to promote their company, Propago handles anything elegantly.

Pre-approved templates, print ready files, or variable data files, it doesn't matter. Propago makes it easier to access, personalize and order marketing materials while keeping total control of the brand.

  • Centralize all marketing assets into a single portal
  • Powerful personalization engine (Web to Print)
  • Brand Compliance
  • Inventory and budgets controls
  • Granular user rights
  • Flexible approval triggers
  • Multi-layered approval workflows
  • Multifaceted budgetary controls
  • Comprehensive payment options
  • Digital asset management
  • Visual reporting dashboards
  • Robust ad-hoc reporting engine
  • And much more!
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Smart Web to Print Personalization Engine

Customize, proof, and approve documents directly online. Text, images and custom data set can be easily injected on creative.

  • Powerful image editing tools
  • Ability to upload images or use image banks
  • Inject location map and QR codes on creative
  • Use previously collected data to personalize creative
  • Format data using different masking configurations
  • Download digital proofs on the fly
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A Complete Warehouse Management System for Your Operation

Optimize your infrastructure and workflow processes by having a complete solution to handle the demand from your clients.

Do you use Print on Demand, JIT, WIP inventory picks, kitting, or any combination of these? Propago handles of these methods inside one centralized platform which features a completely embedded warehouse management system (WMS). With easy to use configuration settings, control your production and warehouse locations, pick pack, as well as be able to know exactly where orders are in the process and inventory levels at any time.

  • Total production management
  • Efficient procurement management
  • Full warehouse management system (WMS)
  • High volume fulfillment automation
  • Intelligent inventory forecasting
  • Analytics and reporting in real-time
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