With Propago, It's AUTOMAGIC!

A Powerful Marketing Asset Management solution
including all of the features below.

Make marketing assets available to your team online

Easily spin up storefronts offering sales forces, partners, affiliates or whomever with the access to search, browse, personalize, and order any marketing materials.

Marketing assets can be customized with personal messages, exclusive price points, unique images, interactive maps, QR codes or whatever you choose.

Whether you offer printed materials, apparel or promotional products, Propago allows you to bring all marketing assets under a single, intuitive marketing portal where you control who has access, what can be seen, and how much can be ordered.

  • Print, Promo, Apparel
  • Intuitive Ordering Process
  • Branded Marketing Portals
Online Marketing Portals
Web to Print Storefronts

Simplify personalization, proofing and approvals

Complete support for all printed marketing assets from order inception, through production and finally to the shipment. With Propago, you control the settings and permissions regarding which materials users can access, how and what content can be customized, and whether approval is required on the final piece before it is submitted to production.

User profiles and pre-approved templates allow users to personalize creative in just seconds. Propago, automatically populates materials using the user’s information so they don’t have to key anything in.

  • Inventory, Print On Demand, Customized or Ad-Hoc
  • Robust Personalization Engine
  • Support for Templates
  • Smart Data Population
  • Direct Mail Support

Control your brand, budget and inventory

Control every aspect of the user experience. Control which products they can view, the pricing they see, if they can see inventory, how much they can order and what creative elements they can modify.

You dictate which orders need what level of approval. You choose how much inventory can be pulled. You control how many dollars are spent. You enforce exactly what can be customized. Essentially, Propago gives you back the ability to control just about anything.

  • Controlled User Experience
  • Brand Compliance Enforcement
  • Multifaceted Budgetary Controls
  • Multi-Layered Approval Workflows
  • Comprehensive Payment Options
Corporate Compliance
Supply Chain Management System

Streamline the marketing supply chain

Propago streamlines and coordinates all aspects of operations, including manufacturing, procurement, order and inventory management, kitting, pick and pack, and distribution. The system is built to handle any kind of product, regardless of where it's produced or shipped from.

  • Total Production Management
  • Efficient Procurement Management
  • Powerful Inventory Optimization
  • Intelligent Demand Forecasting
  • Drop Shipping Automation

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Propago isn’t just a pretty front end used for placing orders; it’s a comprehensive front-end and back-end system for managing orders and inventory throughout the entire lifecycle. Propago’s warehouse management features include all the normal capabilities such as product receiving, storage, warehouse control, picking, retrieval and issuing of goods, but we also have some special bells & whistles.

  • Receive, Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Complete Visibility of Everything
  • High Volume Fulfillment Engine
  • Serialization and Lot Tracking
  • RMA Management
Warehouse Management System
Asset Tracking System

Know what is going on at all times

Information is power and with Propago you have it at your beckoning call. With a full set of visual dashboards, stock reports and the ability to perform ad-hoc reporting you won’t have to worry about being able to see exactly what is going on.

  • Visual KPI Dashboards
  • Over 60 Standard Reports
  • Complete "Ad-Hoc" reporting
  • Automated Inventory Alerts
  • Create & Automate Report Packages

Find, format and download digital assets the easy way

Share your digital assets with colleagues, employees, partners, and any other important players in your corporate pipeline.

Bring all your digital assets under a single repository and allow users to find, covert, and download what they need from anywhere they are.

  • Centralized Digital Repository
  • Support for most File Types
  • Powerful Search and Meta Tagging
  • Convert & Resize Original Artwork
  • Granular Control & Tracking
Digtial Asset Management System
Software as a Service saas

Focus on your business

Welcome to the cloud, no hardware or software is necessary. No installation is required. If your clients have internet access and a browser, they are ready to go.

No IT is needed. Propago pushes updates via the cloud so you don’t have to worry about up keeping or spend time and resources to maintain software running as it should.

  • No Installation Required
  • No Hardware Required
  • No IT Resources Required
  • Automatic Updates

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