Automate Your Product Supply Chain

Streamline your fulfillment operation regardless of how many suppliers make up your supply chain.

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Supply Chain Automation

Do you have tons of promotional products and having a hard time keeping track of the inventory, the never ending Purchase Orders and trying to get the orders to your suppliers so that they can fulfill them?

Propago streamlines the processes inside one centralized platform which features a completely embedded warehouse management system (WMS), Third Party Logistic workflows, Purchase orders that are directly associated with your inventory and a plethora of easily accessible data right at your fingertips. With easy to use configuration settings, control your production and warehouse locations, pick pack, orders direct to suppliers, as well as be able to know exactly where orders are in the process and inventory levels at all times.

    For Promo/Apparel Suppliers
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Inventory Management
  • Fast Pick Pack
  • Batch Shipping
  • Order Consolidation
  • Multiple Shipping Workflows
  • Returns Management System
  • Much More...!
    For Your Clients
  • Easy to Use Ordering Portals
  • Simplify Distribution, Ordering and Production
  • Flexible Order Approval Triggers
  • Brand Management
  • Inventory Insight
  • Analytics and Reporting in Real-time
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Increase Productivity and Decrease Operating Costs

Prioritize, consolidate and batch orders through one unified platform, maximizing productivity, increasing throughput and reducing turnaround.

High Volume Management

Propago handles high volumes by generating order sets real-time as the orders flow into production. These order-sets consist of groups of orders having same parts and quantities allowing the production team to process these products quickly through the system by batching them all together in one large transaction instead of having to sort through the many orders to search and find like products and quantities.

Order Consolidator

Another feature that makes high volume orders a breeze is the order consolidator. Say your client has 300 employees all located at different offices and 15 or more orders need to ship to the same office and it takes too much time to have to process each order individually. No problem, process these orders with same ship locations through the order consolidator and ship one large order to the same location to all your recipients with no hassle. Your client will be pleased as well, because this could save a ton of money for them in fulfillment charges by allowing the system to merge all lines and orders into one when using the order consolidator.

  • Minimize human touchpoints
  • Increase efficiency
  • Decrease operating costs

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