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Propago works for everyone.

Whether you are a producer of print, promotional items or apparel, Propago will allow you to offer a cutting edge platform to your current and future clients. If you are a marketing agency, Propago allows you to offer your clients a powerful marketing portal and help connect them to vendors of your or their choice. If you are ANY company that has marketing collateral and people that need to access those materials, Propago is the last platform you will need.

Propago helps hundreds of companies across the nation to automate, consolidate and integrate fulfillment operations eliminating manual processes for ordering, personalization, production and distribution of marketing communications materials and other products as well. End users can access an online storefront where they can create, edit and order marketing communication materials that fully comply with brand and regulatory requirements.

Intuitive Order Process

Total Production Management

Rock Solid Brand Compliance

Efficient Procurement Management

Granular User Rights

Full Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Flexible Approval Triggers

High Volume Fulfillment Automation

Multifaceted Budgetary Controls

Analytics and Reporting in Real-Time

Complete Inventory Management and Visibility

Streamlined Pick, Pack and Shipment workflows

Simple Integration with Carrier Manifesting Systems

Robust Serialization and Lot Tracing Features

Seamless RMA Module for Returns Management

Multi-Location/Warehouse Support

Numerous methods for Order Entry – Manual & Automated

High Volume Fulfillment Features: Consolidation, Batching & Fast Picking

Inbound Receiving Verifications

Robust Visual Dashboards and Reporting